About us

Offering luxury quality clothing items at an affordable price. This simple desire is the brand’s raison d’être. Creating timeless, elegant pieces that would stand the test of time - minimalist pieces with no unnecessary zippers, metal rivets or ruching, as one friend put it - and have some beautiful details, giving an "Oh là là with no tralala" style. Obtaining high quality pieces is made possible by carefully selecting premium fabrics and working with experienced manufacturers; we are, then, able to propose pieces, for every occasion, you can feel great in. 

Et, like everything else in life, we believe fashion should be done responsibly - and this concept should be a given. We firmly believe it means fashion should not be so heavily linked to environmental damage, cruelty, and human exploitation. Hence, our cruelty-free clothes are made with European manufacturers that share our values, and only with eco-friendly fabrics and accessories - every detail counts. Whether some want to call it sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, transparent fashion, conscious fashion or eco-friendly fashion, we are simply committed to doing fashion the normal way, proposing pieces you can feel great about.