Our Factories

We believe that being transparent is an important part of sustainability in fashion. Everyone should know how and where their clothes are made. 

Below are details on the factories we work with to create our clothes. 

Our Italian manufacturer

Their story began 35 years ago in a small factory, in the province of Venice, that produces clothes focusing on the rules of the sartorial tradition transmitted by a long family passion for fashion. The company has seen a continuous expansion to establish itself as a leader in the sector, thanks to both a great attention to fabrics and a production process with attention to every detail. Their team of artisans and highly qualified staff supported us from the beginning of this adventure.

Our Romanian manufacturer

Founded 10 years ago, they are used to partnering with various brands to create high-quality clothing. Armed with their passion for design and quality, they have helped us perfect our pieces by making the right choices of fabrics and accessories throughout our collaboration. 

If you have further questions regarding our manufacturing partners, please feel free to contact us at bonjour@inetabout.com.